Beth Orton

Beth Orton

Elizabeth Caroline Orton, better known as the English singer and songwriter Beth Orton, was born on December 14, 1970. She caught the public and critics' attention with her folk and intimate music, enhanced with electronic elements, present mainly in her two first albums, Trailer Park (1996) and Central Reservation (1999), with a style called folktronica. The hit "Stolen Car" is present on Central Reservation.

Her relationship with electronic music dates back to the early 1990s, when she collaborated on projects by producer William Orbit. The beautiful voice of the singer can also be seen in the track "Alive Alone", from the debut album (Exit Planet Dust) by the Chemical Brothers.

Daybreaker, Beth Orton's critically acclaimed third album, was released in 2002. Less electronic and more folk, Daybreaker has Ryan Adams, Johnny Marr and the Chemical Brothers among its collaborators.

In 2006, Beth Orton released her fourth album, Comfort of Strangers. The 14 tracks on this album were recorded in two weeks with producer Jim O'Rourke. Six years later, in October 2012, Sugaring Season came out. Kidsticks, an album released in 2016, was co-produced by Andrew Hung, member of the duo Fuck Buttons. In 2022, the singer released Weather Alive, an album whose main element is a used piano that she bought at Camden Market in London.


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