Vagabon is the pseudonym of the Cameroonian singer, producer and multi-instrumentalist Laetitia Tamko. She was born on October 25, 1994 in Yaoundé, capital of the Republic of Cameroon, and has lived in New York since she was 13, when she moved to the American city with her parents.

In New York, Laetitia Tamko studied engineering in college and began to learn to play the guitar and, later, keyboards and drums. His affection for music grew with the influence of the indie rock scene. In 2014, she started posting her first compositions on the Bandcamp platform under the name Vagabon. In the same year the EP Persian Garden arrived. With the support of a group of musicians, Laetitia Tamko recorded Infinite Worlds, her first album, released in 2017.

In 2018, Vagabon opened shows on the American tour of Australian singer Courtney Barnett.

Produced by the singer and mixed by John Congleton, the artist's second album was released in 2019 on the Nonesuch label. Self-titled, this work brings Vagabon closer to electronic pop.

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Infinite Worlds

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