The Antlers

The Antlers

The Antlers was born in 2006 in the Brooklyn neighborhood of New York, as a project by vocalist e guitarist Peter Silberman, having his music based on lo-fi and indie folk. Silberman wrote the first two albums: Uprooted (2006) and In the Attic of the Universe (2007). Later, drummer Michael Lerner and multi-instrumentalist Darby Cicci were incorporated into the band, as permanent members.

Before the third album, the band released the EPs Cold War (2007) and New York Hospitals (2008).

Critically acclaimed, Hospice, the band's third album came out in 2009. Two years later, The Antlers released Burst Apart.

Familiars, the band's fifth album, came out in June 2014. In 2021, the group returned with Green to Gold.

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