The Chemical Brothers


The Chemical Brothers was one of the exponents of electronic music of the 1990s in England, in a style that became known as big beat. Tom Rowlands and Ed Simons started out as DJs, using the name The Dust Brothers. In 1995, already under the name of The Chemical Brothers, the duo released their first album, Exit Planet Dust. The record sold over a million copies worldwide.

Dig Your Own Hole, the duo's second album, released in 1997, occupied the first position on the charts, shortly after its release. In 1999, the band's third studio album, entitled Surrender, was released. Next came Come with Us (2002), Push the Button (2005) andWe Are the Night (2007).

In 2010, The Chemical Brothers released the album Further. His eighth studio album, Born in the Echoes, was released in 2015. A new work, No Geography, arrived in 2019.


Featured Albums

No Geography

2019 | Album

Born in the Echoes

2015 | Album


2010 | Album

We Are the Night

2007 | Album

Push the Button

2005 | Album

Come with Us

2002 | Album


1999 | Album

Dig Your Own Hole

1997 | Album

Exit Planet Dust

1995 | Album