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Ryan Adams was born in 1974 in the city of Jacksonville, North Carolina. As a teenager he started writing his first songs. Before becoming one of the most celebrated names in the so-called alternative country, the singer-songwriter was a member of the bands The Patty Duke Syndrome and Whiskeytown. Whiskeytown had its existence between 1996 and 1999, releasing four albums.

After the end of Whiskeytown, Adams began his solo career and in 2000 released the acclaimed album Heartbreaker.

The second solo album, Gold (2001), consolidated the name of Ryan Adams as one of the best and productive composers of his generation. The following year, he released the album Demolition, which had Rock N Roll (2003) and Love Is Hell (2004) as successors. Still in 2004, he formed the band The Cardinals, which started to collaborate on some of his following albums.

In 2005, the singer released three works: Cold Roses, Jacksonville City Nights and 29. Two years later Easy Tiger (2007) came out and in 2008 the album Cardinology was released.

In 2009, the singer divested the band The Cardinals. And the following year he released III/IV, a double album, which was recorded in 2006, during the Easy Tiger sessions.

Ashes &  Fire, Ryan Adams' 13th studio album, arrived in 2011. Produced by Glyn Johns, the album featured Norah Jones. In 2014, the singer released Ryan Adams.

In 2015, the artist digitally released the album 1989, in which he re-recorded tracks on the album of the same name by singer Taylor Swift. A new album, Prisoner, came out in February 2017.

In early 2019, the singer announced that he would release three albums that year. However, accusations of abuse and sexual misconduct from his ex-wife Mandy Moore and singer Phoebe Bridgers caused Adams to cancel these jobs. He denied the charges.

Without warning, he released the Wednesdays in December 2020.

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